How To Check Fabric Composition

How To Check Fabric Composition

Different fabrics are used in making clothes and apparel, and each has different properties. Knowing the content of the fabrics is crucial. Unfortunately, 99% of people don’t know how to check fabric compositions. The content of the fabric can be easily identified through a burn test. This includes burning of a small part or sample…

Izod Vs. Charpy Impact Test

Izod Vs. Charpy

Introduction   Have you ever wondered about the strength of metal or plastic? A hard material has more power to sustain a heavy blow. It is another name for the impact resistance. It means that the power of the material to maintain its shape despite the heavy blow is the impact resistance. Various methods evaluate the…

What is a Charpy Impact Test

Charpy Impact Test

The Charpy impact test is essential for material toughness testing. Conducted across various industries, this test provides critical insights into how a material withstands sudden, dynamic loads. In this guide, we will delve into the essence of the Charpy impact test, exploring the purpose, procedure, applications, and significance of diverse materials.

8 Reasons to Choose A Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Products go through many testing processes before they enter the market. These tests check a product’s ability to withstand various conditions. Many projects are tested under different environmental conditions. In this context, benchtop environmental test chambers have become the first choice of many companies and laboratories. This compact test equipment tests products under simulated different…

Vacuum Oven Complete Guide: Do You Really Understand

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum ovens are an indispensable tool in today’s scientific laboratories and industries. Researchers can precisely control temperatures and process samples under reduced pressure. From drug drying in the pharmaceutical industry to component handling in electronics manufacturing. Vacuum ovens all play a vital role. This results in more precise and controlled sample processing. Many types of…