Top 10 Automotive Test Equipment Manufacturers

Are you looking for the top 10 best automotive test equipment manufacturers? You’re not alone. The automotive industry is diverse. Each part and component of automobiles goes under rigor testing. This ensures quality, durability, and long-term performance. However, you’ll be at a loss if the testing equipment poses an issue.


We have compiled some of the best automotive test equipment producers. These are famous, reliable, and have a good reputation. Their cutting-edge solutions for testing automotive components and systems make them stand out. They provide a wide range of testing tools. So, let’s get into it and explore all these manufacturers.


Overview of Automotive Test Equipment


As I said earlier, the automotive industry has grown. So, the quality and performance of the components matter a lot. Those components include the engine, suspension, transmission, and many more. Testing these parts is mandatory to ensure they meet customers’ expectations.


Therefore, the company uses different automotive test equipment. These tools check the components and tell if they are defective. The better the test equipment, the more reliable and trustworthy the testing and diagnosis. Components go into the market for use with extensive testing.


Small mistakes can cost heavily. Vehicles with defective parts can pose a danger to human life. Thus, having high-quality testing equipment is vital. Those include diagnostic tools, emission testers, dynamometers, and so on. The section below will look into the manufacturers offering these testing equipment. So, let’s get started!


Top 10 Automotive Test Equipment Manufacturers


There are tons of companies that claim to be the best. Are they even capable of being called the best? You never know! Researching and finding the reality of those takes a lot of time. But you don’t need to be worried as we have made your work easier. Let’s look into some industry leaders who have experience and expertise. 


Before diving in, you should know we have done extensive research. All the manufacturers that we are going to discuss are equally good. You can choose any of them and get optimal results. Moreover, we are not associated with or sponsored by anyone. With that, let’s jump into it!


1- ABB (Switzerland)

ABB (Switzerland)

ABB belongs to Sweden and Switzerland. It contributes to the world of technology. They are involved in the manufacturing of different machines and testing equipment. ABB has been doing this for over 140 years. The company has grown business and over one lac employees working at other branches.


They’re famous for their work in electric machines. However, they also work in the test equipment industry. Their equipment includes emission analyzers, powertrain testing systems, and battery test systems. The purpose of these tools is to analyze and diagnose the components of vehicles.


2- Robert Bosch GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH is a big company that makes automotive test equipment. They started way back in 1886 in Germany. They focus mainly on the automobile industry. The function of their tools is to check if the components work well. 


They put every testing tool under strict checks. Experts carefully supervise the process of manufacturing the testing tool. Such rigorous testing and quality assurance make them industry leaders.


Their wide range of products caters to testing purposes. Those include emission testing systems and diagnostic tools. They also offer diverse solutions for testing driver assistance systems. The company has a presence all over the world, but its main headquarters is located in Germany.


3- OTS-Test Equipment Company

OTS-Test Equipment Company

This company has been making testing equipment since 1978. It is based in China, and its offices are spread across different parts of the world. However, China and Taiwan are the main hubs. It uses many test equipment, such as environmental chambers, etc. However, its automotive test equipment is also famous. 


Usually, their tools check and test the strength and durability of the automobiles. For example, they tell if the car parts can resist dust, water, and rust. OTS is known worldwide for these machines. They follow international standards to make those test equipment. This helps them in creating tools that meet the needs of the customers.


As I said earlier, OTS has manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan. However, it also has offices in many regions, such as Asia, Europe, and the US. This helps it sell its machines all over the world. OTS is a reliable name among the top 10 automotive test equipment manufacturers.


4- HORIBA Ltd. (Japan)

HORIBA Ltd. (Japan)

HORIBA is a Japanese company that makes precise machines and tools. It has been operating worldwide for the past 75 years. This company offers different products but is known for its battery-testing equipment. It has factories and offices in many countries, including the United States, Germany, France, and China.


It won’t be wrong to say that this company is dedicated to automotive tools. The reason is that most of their products are made for cars and other automobiles. Moreover, the company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This indicates that they are reliable and have been in the industry for many years.


5- Siemens AG (Germany)

Siemens AG (Germany)

Siemens is considered a pioneer in manufacturing automotive test equipment. They make the tools car manufacturers and suppliers use to check if the cars are safe and working well. Siemens offers different products that serve the purpose in the best way. 


Their equipment includes tools to measure pollution, systems to test engines, and batteries. These tools help determine if there is any issue with automobile parts. They also have machines to gather data and sensors for the intensity of vehicle issues. Keep in mind that this company follows international standards while producing those tools.


6- Continental AG

Continental AG

Continental is another German company dedicated to making automotive equipment. It is noteworthy that this company is age-old. Its years of experience help it make top-notch products. Their tools are usually more focused on checking and testing the components of cars. 


What makes this company popular is its in-house testing facilities. These facilities analyze different car components using various tools. Importantly, they can also have dedicated advanced driver simulators. So, all these tools and mechanisms help the company test any car or auto more precisely.


7- Yokogawa Test & Measurement

Yokogawa Test & Measurement

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese company. Its headquarters is based in Musashino, Tokyo. It is well-known for making high-quality testing equipment, especially for the automotive industry. The testing tools are of a variety of sizes and types.


They create digital oscilloscopes and power analyzers, which help the automobile industry. The digital oscilloscope helps test electronic devices in cars. Similarly, the power analyzers are used to check the distribution of energy. Their tools are reliable and last a long time. 


Above all, Yokogawa provides dedicated support and calibration services to customers. This means that you’ll be able to get your tools maintained by the official manufacturer. This dedication to helping their customers makes them a reliable name.


8- Keysight Technologies (US)

Keysight Technologies (US)

Keysight Technologies has been testing electronics for the last 70 years. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, in the United States. It is believed that their test tools are of the highest quality. This is due to their manufacturing in the USA, which follows strict guidelines. Each of their products undergoes rigorous quality checks as well.


Their products help other automobile industries check the functionality of their electronics. Their automotive test tools ensure that all the small chips to extensive systems are in ideal conditions. Recently, they have also started making battery-testing tools. This shows that the company is continually growing and improving.


9- Delphi Technologies (UK)

Delphi Technologies (UK)

People like Delphi because they make dedicated testing tools for the automobile industry. Notably, their test equipment is not very expensive. Thus, people around the globe love their products. At Delphi, reliability meets affordability. The company started in the 1920s in the United States. 


Now, they have expanded the business to many parts of the world. The official website says the company has operating units in over 150 countries. This indicates their success and the trust of the people. They mainly focus on test equipment for automobiles and car parts. You can trust them as the world does.


10- National Instruments (US)

National Instruments (US)

National Instruments is dedicated to manufacturing automotive test equipment for trucks. Their tools are high-quality and consistently accurate. Due to reliable accuracy, more giant manufacturers use of them. They have different types of test tools that serve various purposes.


For example, their ECUTS system tests car computers and their functionality. Similarly, many other tests are used to diagnose different products in the automotive industry. It is important to note that their battery testing tools are usually used in electric cars. They help diagnose issues quickly, and many automobile garages use these tools.


Disclaimer: All the above information is taken from the manufacturer’s official websites. If you like any of those, contact their official support team via their websites. Each manufacturer I selected in this guide has a strong online presence. You can quickly contact them to discuss your needs and requirements more efficiently.


How to Choose the Right Automotive Test Equipment Manufacturer?


Many manufacturers offer automotive test equipment. However, their quality varies depending on their pricing. When you have many options, then it gets confusing to choose one. But don’t worry. In the section below, we will discuss a few crucial factors. These considerations will help you find a reliable manufacturer.


  • Technology Utilization:

    First, you should examine the manufacturing procedures. Does your shortlisted manufacturer utilize the latest technologies? If not, you should avoid that manufacturer. Instead, you should prefer those who make full use of technology. The reason is that the utilization of newer technology makes tests more efficient. Equipment that is made with old-fashioned methods is limited in many ways.


  • Customization Options:

    Evaluate whether the manufacturer offers customization options or not. Keep in mind that customization is sometimes necessary for tools. It enhances their functionality. Those modifications include custom software interfaces, test protocols, or hardware modifications.


  • Reliability & Credibility:

    While shortlisting the manufacturer, check the credibility and reliability. You can do this by searching for the manufacturer on Google and checking the reviews. The manufacturer must have an online presence so that you can be in touch with it. It will help you get better customer support when you purchase the product.


  • Certifications:

    As you know, we aim to choose a reliable manufacturer. So, it would be best to look for manufacturers with accreditation. The government institute, other organizations, and others only certify the company. They do so when it meets international standards. The chances are high that such a manufacturer with proper certifications will give you the best experience. 


  • Cost and Value:

    Before choosing one, compare prices from different manufacturers. However, don’t fall for cheap ones. Instead, look for value. It would help if you looked to get affordable pricing and optimal value. A slightly higher cost may be justified. This is if the equipment offers excellent performance.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is automotive test equipment?

They are the tools used to test, evaluate, and diagnose parts of cars and other vehicles. These devices are made in a way that analyzes automobiles according to international standards.


What types of automotive test equipment are available?

Different automotive test equipment is available in the market. Its functionality varies. Tools for testing engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, emissions, and electrical systems are standard.


How can automotive test equipment improve vehicle performance?

These tools diagnose vehicle issues. The manufacturer then rectifies those issues to improve performance. The equipment tells what the problem is in the car. Thus, knowing those issues and their severity becomes much easier with these tools. 




Automotive test equipment is inevitable for vehicle manufacturers. It helps diagnose issues. Without these tools, knowing and diagnosing cars would have been a severe issue. Many manufacturers produce automotive test equipment. 


In this guide, we have listed and discussed them in detail. You can trust all of them, as they fulfill the internal standards. We also researched them to determine whether they were capable of being picked. They are up to the mark.