Plug And Pull Force Testing Machine

This force testing equipment is suitable for PBC boards. It is ideal for plugging and unplugging life testing of computer peripheral connectors such as USB connectors (USB 3.0), HDMI high-definition line monitors, DVI lines, and VGA lines. The female end is inserted into the non-slip clamp with the sensor on the rear. Knobs on either side of the handle clamp the product in place, and the eccentric shaft can be adjusted by hand. In a straight and parallel state, the knobs on both sides of the handle will be the male ends of the product with non-slip clips. Pressing to start the touch screen can display the insertion pull force’s continuous change and peak values and has digital settings. It displays and prints the insertion force value, and the speed and drawing stroke are adjustable. This plug and pull force tester is the most cost-effective on the market.