Horizontal And Vertical Flammability Chamber

The vertical and horizontal flammability chamber is a fully automatic instrument. It can ensure the safety of the operator to the greatest extent. It is a screening procedure for comparing the relative combustion behavior of plastic and other non-metallic materials specimens. The specimen is exposed to a flame ignition source of a nominal power of 50W or 500W. These test methods determine the linear burn rate, after-flame/afterglow time, as well as the failure length of the specimen.

They are suitable for solid and porous materials having an apparent density according to ISO 845 of not less than 250kg/m3. Not applicable to materials that shrink from an applied flame without igniting. ISO 9773 should be used for burning test devices of thin flexible materials and plastic materials represented by UL-94. It can perform various tests of HB, V0 to V2, 5V, VTM, and HBF.