The Application of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber in Food Industry

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly used for food storage and transportation in the food industry.
In the food industry, the time of the food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, but the relative humidity in the food preservation is also an important index to ensure the food. Relative humidity affects the growth of the colony directly. For example, in the range of relative humidity ranging from 95%RH to 91%RH, the colonies that are easy to breed are Salmonella, Pauline, Lactobacillus, mold and yeast.
The food preservation cycle is also related to temperature and relative humidity, and the balance relative humidity is 81%RH of the cake. The shelf life is 14 days and 24 days at 21 C. If the relative humidity is increased to 85%RH, these indexes will be reduced to 8 days and 12 days at 21 degrees centigrade at 27. The relative humidity of the hygroscopic substance plays a decisive role. The relative humidity is defined as the moisture value obtained by the ambient air when the substance is not exchanged with the water in the air. This definition is clear that in order to successfully store and maintain these products, environmental climate control and packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, many foods are too dry under the condition of their taste will be worse. In view of this situation, it is necessary to record the change of temperature and humidity in real time to ensure that food enters the consumer’s mouth.
Constant temperature and humidity testing chamber can effectively test high and low temperature and damp heat (constant). The constant temperature and humidity box has the ability of heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying. The products are placed in the specified temperature and humidity to see the high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and humidity resistance of the product, so as to meet the requirements of food storage and transportation.